Working steps of our Consulting services

  • Understanding the requirements of our clients

The first step to solve any problem is to understand the exact practical requirement and based on that we will provide an efficient and cost-effective solutions.

  • Plan a site visit

Nothing can beat a ground level site visit in terms of acquiring information about the site we are going to install solar power plant. This can include taking important data like pictures/videos of site, coordinates, sanctioned load details, available area, building height and many more important aspects to provide an efficient solution.

  • Design and Drawings

After conducting site visit, we will provide Layout Drawing in both 2D & 3D for actual visualization of the upcoming solar plant, Energy simulation report that indicates how much our plant will generate energy on daily basis considering the location, Single Line Diagrams (SLDs) that indicates the design flow of how our solar plant will work, Bill of Material (BOM) that includes each and everything required to install the solar plant like solar panels, solar inverter, solar structure and other accessories, STAAD report that indicates the strength carrying capacity of our selected solar mounting structure and many other things associated with it.

  • Commercial Proposal

This includes financial aspects like costing of the overall solar power plant along with Return on Investment
(ROI), Accelerated Depreciation calculations that helps client for a better financial understanding regarding the solar power plant. Generally the ROI period is 2-5 years depending upon plant capacity, unit charges etc.

  • Solar Power Plant Installation

The last step is to install a “Clean & Green” Solar Power Plant within a fixed timeline and handover the completion certificate along with warranty cards and other related documents to our respective client for future record.