About the project

  • Date: December 07, 2022
  • Address: Leh & Ladakh
This solar power plant was installed in metal portable containers. Mounting structures were made of galvanized material that supports the weight of the solar panels by themselves. This ensures the safety of the container's roof and the prevention of leaks. The most complicated challenge we faced during this project was huge altitude and a temperature of -5 °C. This had created a complicated environment but our team of experts completed the overall project within 7 days. It will generate around 22 thousand units but also reduce electricity consumption and bills by 80-90%. As part of a "Green and Clean Environment", this plant also contributes to reducing significant amounts of dangerous carbon in the environment.

Benefits of Project

It can be said that this solar power plant alone produces 22 thousand units every year, thus reducing the dependency on huge electricity bills associated with this power plant and therefore reducing its dependency on electricity. In the long term, it is estimated that the installation of this solar plant will offset around 225 trees and directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions..


Technologies What We Used

Throughout the 28 modules, we have used the latest mono-crystalline technology solar panels with a capacity of 545Wp for each of the 28 modules. As a result of the installation of the entire solar system, we acquired a 15 kVA solar inverter with a 98% efficiency, a 10 rechargeable batteries with an efficiency of 12V/200Ah, galvanized steel structure for mounting the solar panels, DC cables, and an Earthing and Lighting Arrester so that the system would operate safely.