About the project

  • Date: 31 March, 2023
  • Address: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
This solar power plant has been installed over RCC cemented roof. Mounting structures were made of galvanized material that will support the weight of the solar panels by themselves, ensuring the roof's safety. It will generate around 1.5 lakh units but also reduce electricity consumption and bills by 80-90%. As part of a "Green and Clean Environment", this plant also contributes to reducing significant amounts of dangerous carbon in the environment.

Benefits of Project

This solar power plant alone produces 1.5 lakh units per annum that directly reduce dependency on huge electricity bills and installing this solar plant will offset the 1,500 nos. of trees that directly reduces the carbon emissions from the environment.

Technologies What We Used

We have used latest Mono-crystalline technology solar panels of 545Wp capacity of each module (184 nos), 1 nos. of 100kW Solar Inverter having efficiency of 98%, Galvanized structure for mounting of solar panels, DC/AC cables, Earthing and Lighting Arrester for safety of the overall solar plant.